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Great app

Most useful to walk trails and keep track of where you are...on the trails

Dirt bike

Love this app works great.

Great app - has never let me down

Updating my review -- After Years of use, Maplets continues to be one of my favorite apps. I consider it a "must-have": both for planning outings and finding my way in various locations. Maplets is a well-designed app. It was one of the first apps I purchased and it continues to be a favorite. Especially nice for hiking, birding, and biking. Maps can be downloaded and available offline. When map is GPS enabled is you can pinpoint your location on the map as well.

Very Useful Maps

I use these maps all the time for hiking in California. It really helps me find my way with the connection to GPS satellites. I have also used it in Europe a lot. I love being able to see how to get around a icy like Berlin or Amsterdam on public transport.

Great hiking companion

I love this app for hiking. Since the Maps download to your phone, you can have your phone in airplane mode or be in an area of no coverage and still access the maps and GPS. It makes navigating unfamiliar areas super easy.

Best mapping software out there

This thing is so handy. Just do yourself a it now. My husband maps our local bike trails for Orienteering and biking and he can upload georectified PDFs they have a blue dot that shows exactly where you are on the trails as you are moving. Used it in Europe and found Swiss hiking trails and the Rome subway maps. Awesome app

Great app

Great for researching areas and then having an offline map if we go hiking. Even better if wifi is working.

A super app, no doubt about it

Before we head out on another road trip somewhere, I look for whatever info/maps are in this app and download. Thus, I have my hands on NP maps, say, to plan before we drive up to the Park toll booth which provides the paper map. Just on example. No reason not to have this app for your future adventures!

Terrific App

Love this app

An indispensable app

Such a well thought-out and functional off-line map application. Download this app and keep it on your phone! Do it!

Maplets Most Helpful

I have used Maplets for four years now and it is still my most useful and convenient app. Maplets continues to get better and better. While it does not track your hiking progress you can drop pins to trace your trail. I use this feature for trail review when home. It also has a marker that shows direction of travel when on the trail , another useful feature. I have access to maps at anytime. Once downloaded i can use them without being connected to wifi or 3G. The maps are with me at all times. Additionally, with GPS enabled, I can pinpoint my location on the maps when hiking-a great feature. Zaia is always updating their database to keep current. If you want Zaia to add a map you can contact them thru the app (or online) to make your request-if it is available they will add it. I have not had any issues with this app and use it several times each week. Love this app! Update: Have used 5 years now and Maplets is still my go-to app. Thank you Zaia for this great app and all your tireless work to keep it the best Map App out there

Amazing offline gps maps of nearly everything!

One of my very favorite apps. If you ever travel- get it now :)

Rather useless

Basically a collection of maps you can get for free through other websites and low resolution screen captures of copyrighted maps that other users have posted.

Love the app and the offline concept

Maps could be of better resolution, and more frequently updated.

One of the best apps I’ve ever used

I love maps. I also love hiking and off-roading at parks and forests. So it’s no wonder that I love Maplets. The single best feature it offers, in my humble opinion, is giving us users the ability to track (via our phone’s gps) where we are on a highly detailed pdf map. The first time I saw that on my phone, I was blown away, and I still am. It’s just a beautiful and useful tool for exploring beautiful, remote places.

I wish there was six-stars

This is handy as all get out. I’m actually surprised Google Maps or something similar hasn’t bought Maplets out and incorporated the functionality

Great app, minor problem

I use the offline maps/brochures for all of our travels, especially on our long distance bicycling trips. One issue: the tips pop up when you search for a new map and cover up the search field on my iphoneX.

Maplets is great, very responsive

I love Maplets I've been using it for years. I use it for planning for inspiration and even on-site out in the field. I find it especially useful to see you what's near me by distance. It also decreases the amount of paper I need to use. It is totally convenient to have it on all of my devices. Out of all the the hundreds of apps I have, I use this is one a lot, it is one of my very favorites.

Snowmobile trip pleaser

Best trail map app I've ever used. Made our trip safer and more fun! Whole family rides now that we always have an up to date map. Makes night riding much more practical!

Maplet app

Very useful app, use it frequently when traveling.International travel a must have app

Best app for travel

Seeing exactly where you are on the map is great. Only we as users can make it better by contributing maps and making donations. This is the first ap I check when headed to a new area when headed into the back country or a national park.

Very useful!

Just submitted info for a new maplet and it was up and running for me to use. Great app!

Using Maplets on all hikes

Outstanding app. Just works, exactly as you would expect. Been using for four years. Not all maps are available. You can ask that they try to add missing maps, but it might take a while.

Always one of my favorites

This app has been one of my favorite apps since I have had my iPad. I use it often and like that they keep the maps updated. They also have a variety of maps for different areas. If I need to carry a map offline I always look to see if there is one available here. Thanks for a great app.

So Useful and well done!

Great map selection across the USA. Many maps are GPS enabled. So you can find your location on the map you downloaded before you set out -- even when you have no cell signal while hiking in a remote spot. Some maps are enabled with a nifty Search and Find feature for easily locating landmarks and special interest features. The app automatically downloads most current versions of your maps when you select the Update option. Maps can be sorted and organized into folders as you see fit. Great app at a great value!

Must have app!

I used this for the first time last weekend on a off road riding trip in southern Kentucky. The actual trail markers left a bit to be desired and there were a lot of trails not on the official map downloaded into Maplets. The GPS feature was used several times to verify our position which was extremely helpful!

Didn't want to pay a subscription for Gaia or All Trails

Just used Maplets today on a 20 mile hike up San Gorgonio. This app is worth every penny of the 2.99. I'd be happy if I'd paid 10 dollars. You buy the app and you can download FREE maps from the app that work with your phone's GPS. Maybe it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some other apps, but it works when you're out in the mountains and you don't have to pay some stupid subscription to get maps. I'm not trying to map my route for Instagram. I want to not get lost. Also, the draw feature works well to estimate how far you have left to go.

Love it - don’t go without.

Makes travel easy. Find the maps you need before you go. Download them and use later anywhere. Great selection of maps.

Worth the price of admission

Does what it says on the tin and does it really well.

Downloaded Maps

The Hatfield and McCoy maps that are available are dated 2011. These maps are updated often and should be maintained. The maps are 6 years old and several of trails have changed. Wasted $2.99


This saved me lots of time and frustration when finding my way around a new installation. It is a must have. Easy to used and very helpful!!!!


Very useful for off road riding! We always take a handheld gps for backup but absolutely love this app. It has most trails we ride and have suggested it to all our friends.

No import allowed and outdated maps

This app could be perfect because it pre-processes large PDFs and allows you to zoom with one hand by just tapping repeatedly. However, maps proposed are generally outdated (most subway and bus maps) and there is no way to import your own using a link or using the app as a repository. That's a deal breaker and I wish I had known this before spending $3.

Doesn't have ATV trails

I bought this app because it's supposed to show ATV trails, and it has none near me. My phone already has a free map of Interstates and highways, so this is useless to me.

Highly Recommended

This is definitely one of my favorite and most used apps!

Awesome App for Hiking

So many maps available and the added GPS is very helpful. No need to cross your fingers and hope there is a paper copy of a trail map on site. Now you can check this app before you make the drive.

This app should be on everyone's smart device!

Anyone that ever leaves their home should have Maplets on their iPad and iPhone. Don't think about it, just do it!

Excellent app

Very useful

Trail rider

I travel to ride off road trail systems. Some have quality maps and marked trails, most do not. This system takes all concern out as you can navigate your way and make notes as needed. Don't start without it!

Lots of copy write infringement

Looks like a lot of maps are copywrited and have been put on here without owners permission

Great app

I love this app

What a fantastic idea

Replaces all the paper maps that I can never find and geo-positions them. An aid to finding new areas to explore.

Excellent trail navigation app

Maplets is the best trail navigation app I've used App accurate current location view and trail details

Comes in handy

A little hard to use sometimes, but it helps ya when you figure out the right layer to get on if you have a map with multiple layers.


Use it everywhere I travel. Wish list of features: -- a way to import your own pdf -- ability to attach lat/lon and scale to maps that lack it by moving about and marking locations -- delete downloads but keep intact the fact that a map was downloaded so it can be easily found and downloaded again


Love this app. I usually use AllTrails but it is missing a few detailed trail maps in my area. Maplets fills that need. Thanks again, great App

Great for hiking

Love this app for following trails while hiking! It's been great to have.

Incredibly useful

The app will find publicly available maps based on location. You can download them for use offline. Many include GPS information, so you can see where you are on the map.


This app is excellent, Great to not only have all the local park maps in my pocket, but my position shows where I'm at on them.

Amazing exactly what I need

Exactly what I needed perfect and has saved my weekend many times

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