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Nice App for Travellers

Very nice app for travellers around the globe. You even can ask for new maplets that you may need! Surely recommended!


Great offline low cost map. It will help you a lot in occasions where you dont have internet access 24/7.



Im saying it again!.. Great App!

Just wanted to expand on my previous review. I used to print out and take paper copies of maps and other travel info on road trips. Since getting an iTouch, and more recently an iPad, Im helping to kill less trees. Some of those maps however, are huge. Even my Core i3 desktop lags when trying to zoom and pan them. Not so with Maplets. Fast, fast, fast! The touch interface also works so much better for viewing maps. You cant add your own maps directly, but have to download then from the Maplets website. That seems to be part of what makes the viewing so fast. Browsing for maps is quite easy and can be accomplished in several ways. The map library seem to be quite large, but if a map isnt available, you can request it. My request was fulfilled in less than 24 hours. All in all, Im quite happy with Maplets.

Great Idea

Works well and gets you access to many different maps!

Ouch! Wasted money!

The NW States and Western Canada is poorly covered at best in terms of finding campgrounds. Im definitely not seeing the wonderful app these other reviewers are going on about. The only thing it is is a fast scrolling highway and city map with an odd and random assortment of local maps. Far from comprehensive and sorely lacking.

Very useful and fast

Fast display of all sorts of maps. Simple and reliable. Requests for the addition of new maps were handled quickly by the app authors. Great when maps are georeferenced, however not all of them are.

Just Great

Im so happy I found this app. This can only get better as more maps are added.

Great program!

Tremendous choice of maps.


I requested hiking biking trail map of whistler B.C an several others an in no time you got them for me . Thanks guys very much I love this app an use it lots. I have pay as you go iPhone 4 with no contract an your passive GPS Works awesome. Thanks again an please send me any other apps you come out with. Regards Stephen Sawyer

amazing app!!

Ive used the maps to have on hand information when seeing a place for the first time ( and having missed the information center ). The maps are very responsive compared to others I have downloaded. For the most part they are easy to read and have all the points of interest along the route taken. One of my best buys and would recommend it highly.

Love it!

I love this app. It is helping my son & I enjoy our road trip! Thanks…I will be recommending to friends and family

Really superb app!

Note!!! This app uses pre-existing maps (trail guides, your local zoos handout, etc), so if your area seems short in maps that you know are out there, get involved and submit requests! Even up here in eastern Canada there were lots of maps already, and shortly after I sent in requests for about 10 other maps they were added. The maps are great resolution, and because they are downloaded onto your device they work when youre out of range - necessary when hiking/mountain biking etc! Very uncomplicated layout, and the ability to add points or draw overtop of the maps is bonus. Highly recommended, one of my favourite apps!

Maps maps maps

Awesome. Find what you need. Recommend purchasing, can access any map, anywhere.


Could use more maps near me, but I cant fault the app for that.

Must have when traveling

More maps are now GPS-enabled which makes this app indispensable for traveling; you can put a pin of your hotel onto the map of the city youre visiting and wander around without getting lost - no cellular service or wifi required, just GPS grid on the map and your GPS-enabled mobile device. Not 5/5 because the current version requires 7 taps before you can enter the label when dropping a pin into a map.

Really useful

This is what I really like - an app with some real utility! The maps that I have accessed for my own use have been accurate and correct. A truly useful app. It does what it claims and provide a service that no one else seems to have thought of (without mentioning that big company were all familiar with). Well worth 5 stars!

No Canada!

It seems you can sell the app to Canadians you just dont know where we are on a map! Total waste of Canadian money!!

Great, useful app

This is a really useful app, when there are maps covering the area you want - and the coverage is rather good for large cities. If you have hard to find map, you can even contribute them through their web site.

Fabulous little App!

How else can you carry a complete map of the London Underground, Toronto Zoo, The Toronto Downtown PATH System and still have room for any other map you can think of. It is one of the most useful apps I have on my phone.

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