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No detail in map

I thought the map would be good enough to find trails or at least be able to download some maps that would show biking trails or four wheeler trails but I couldnt figure out how to download anything I tap the map and nothing would happen

A great aid for trip planning

We have been using Maplet since our first iPad. The ability to get instant complete information that can be used on the tablet or e-mailed is wonderful. The application is extremely easy to use and very reliable. This is one of the best applications on our iPad.

Love this app!

Have had this app for years and use it all over the world to find trails, parks and any other relevant map in the area. Brilliant

Great app

Great app, I would have given it 5 stars if the map flip would to the direction of travel. Otherwise this app is awesome.

Fabulous Pocket Maps Everywhere

From Paris street to the parks and trails, dont leave home without this app! Download and use your maps when theres no coverage, and roam freely. Find that lost trail. Its really convenient to have the official maps available for parks, trails, etc. and be able to pinpoint your location and orientation on them. Google is great for streets - use this app for everyone else. Highly recommended.

Good App

This is a great app and highly recommend. They have a ton of good maps. Not every map out there, but if they dont have one that you want, you can request it and they will try and add it. They added one that I requested and I just requested 2 more.

So Useful and well done!

Great map selection across the USA. Many are GPS enabled so you can find your location when hiking on the map you downloaded before you set out -- even when you have no cell signal. Some maps are enabled with a nifty Search and Find feature for easily locating landmarks and special interest features. Automatically downloads most current versions of your maps when you select Update option. Maps can be sorted and organized as you see fit. Great app at a great value!


Very useful, lots of maps in my area. Use it every hike.

Maplets rocks

Awesome app. So easy to use. Its an awesome tool that works

Great for Travel

Love this maplet! I prefer downloading from here rather than going to different sources (NPS, cities, trail sites, transit, etc), downloading, then having to organize. Love the GPS enabled maps too. Looking forward to using more thoroughly on my RV Westward Ho 2016 trip. Haves used for city landscapes and definitely useful.

My go-to app for state park maps

I use this app every time I visit a state park. GPS-enabling the maps? Best thing ever!


The most useful app Ive ever had. I love it. Would recommend it to anyone. Now PLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEE make a version that is comparable with Apple Watch!!!!!!

Great app

Invaluable for the more complex park trail systems. Developer does a good job of keeping up with updated maps from the Parks.

Love it so far

This will save me a LOT of trouble researching and downloading and buying maps. Soooooo useful. Thank you!!!!

Great app !

Ive used this app several times that Rausch Creek off-road park. It works great, I have no complaints :-)

Great App For Motorcycliss

Ive used this app for several years, and its a great tool for finding maps for places Id like to travel to. The app is inexpensive, and it gives you access to a huge database of maps. I used it most recently to help plan a trip up through western Canada, but my iPad has maps of places from North Carolina to Arizona. While I still like having paper maps, Maplets is great for getting instant gratification on the maps you want now.

Great Resource for More Than Road Maps

Markets gives u access to maps & info for municipal parks, regional attractions, bike paths, airports and more. Download when on wifi for use offline. Many maps are geo-referenced so you can see where u are. Great stuff!

Very good

This is an awesome App! Ive used it on a number of trails and having GPS location displayed on a map gives me complete confidence on unfamiliar trails and still know that Im not getting myself in trouble. Highly recommended.

Excellent App

Very convenient for traveling and trip/hike planning. Would give it 5 if it would enable printing of maps and/or forwarding links via email or SMS text.

Fantastic Resource!

Know where you are, when you need to. If they dont have the map, you can send them a link to the pdf and theyll put it on there (in a fair amount of turn around time (the map I requested took a couple of weeks))!! A must-have if youre not messing around when it comes to the great out of doors!!

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